Thursday, February 16, 2012

Love Always xx

Here's a little bit of Valentine's Day...

a few Valentine-related items i gathered from my study table.
Made a red pom pom a while ago
kikki.K Love conversation starters card from a dear friend. haha.
felt alphabets, XO
a page torn from a vintage book with kikki.K Love rubberstamps
Heart shaped ceramic buttons
Heart shaped butter cookie i've baked
Heart felts
Heart cookie cutter
a heart balloon.

...i think of Love.
  Love that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside.
I think of the people i love and care about.
It was a day for me to be all cheesy and to that one special person. hehe.
Sending them messages of love & smileys to fill them up with love to the max!

baked a heart shaped chocolate cake for my dear sis whose birthday is today!

Went to visit my little niece and sprinkled little heart felts on her. I love her pretty pink dress! Too cute!
She's turning 1 very soon...

baked with love for my Valentine.

lovely Afternoon tea recipe book by Frankie! Valentine's gift from him. 

paper cut-out Love Never Fails (1 Corinthians 13:8). Gave it as a gift for my sis. 


Gracey said...

your little niece is sooo cute! :) happy hearts day!

L said...

Thanks Gracey! :D Happy Weekend ahead!

Jo Serwey said...

What a lovely V Day Lillian! :D

The Twisted Tine said...

You did a brilliant job with Valentine's Day. :) I love it.

Le Vélo Noir said...

Hello Lil:)
What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day by spending it with those you love! Thanks for sharing these great pics and for the lovely message.

xoxo from Seattle,


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