Tuesday, March 11, 2014


lovely surprise in the mail from MY
Last week this came to my mailbox. It was a lovely surprise from my good friend, MY. Max Lucado has always been one of my favourite authors. This was a simple reminder that just warmed my heart up. Knowing that each of us is uniquely made and valued by God and those who love and care for us.

Thank you, MY for the thoughtful gift! xx

'Someone who loves you just because you are you.'

It is a vital message we all need to hear. A message we need to share with others. Often.

'You are special, no matter what.'

yes, you. :)

Love in action

I'm glad that my mum is visiting at the moment. I miss her. I miss my family in Perth. 

She deserves to be pampered. This was a simple gesture to show my love. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Starting afresh

Funny that it just feels right to type these out right now, no reason whatsoever, perhaps just to clear my head a little.

Just because i feel like picking up where i left on this blog... so, here we go again.

Season changes. People changes. Relationship status changes. But, my relationship with my God remains.

For the past few months, it have had been trials, low downs, painful heartbreaking, the whole emotional rollercoaster ride, don't know how to put them into words, really...i'm not a wordsmith. i suck at this. It just hurt. So deep. It felt like your heart was brutally cut wide open and left  bleeding til the bloods run dry. It went on a cycle.

Some days it just ached... quietly, deep down. No one knows except your lonely soul.

It was then i felt so weak, so crushed, so broken. Because it mattered. Because i've given it all. Yet, sometimes it's not how much you've given, even when it means that you would move city just to be with the other person. Sadly...you didn't see what i see in us.

I cried out to God, for He alone knew how much pain it was, how much tears poured. For i know i can trust Him in this. Through it all.
I turned to Him. I know that I need to cling on to Him, no matter what. Through it all.

I felt lost, for a while. Finding my balance again. Finding who i am again, without you. Without you this time. I am reminded of who i am and where i should look to.

The bright unknown future. Daunting, sure. But pretty exciting too. New opportunities. New pages. And i know who holds my future. The Faithful One. So, i surrender...over and over again to you, Lord.
Take me, mold me...lead me in your righteousness.

Long story short...

I've wrapped you up. Together with the memories. It was a decision i have to commit to. To let you go.
To let the past go.

It hasn't been easy, of course.

But i know this soon shall pass too.

Goodbye to you.
I've lost a good friend.

Lord, you are the Author of my love story. You hold the pen, i trust in you as you write my love story.

      Surely your goodness and love will follow me
    all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord

-Psalm 23:6

Alright, enough said.

So, here's a toast to new chapters ahead!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

apricot hue

Last Sunday, I plucked a rosebud from his garden. It's always amazing to watch the flower blooms. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

rainbow geo clouds

Found some Kaisercraft wooden clouds and animals at the shop last week and painted them with acrylic paint. Gold and mint are perfect together. Playing with pastel spring feel colours. With the use of MT tape, I have painted them in stages. MT tapes work wonders. They peel off easily. Acrylic paint dries up fast and does not smear. I bought some pins to be glued onto the back to make them into brooches. Magnet is another good idea. Or just leave them as they are. Stick them onto a card perhaps.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

faith, hope & love

Two weeks ago, Faith and I had a crafternoon at her house. One of the crafts we made was paper-making. It was a fun process, blending the old newspaper and magazines together 
with coloured pulp, sieve and flatten them to dry. 
Today i took some ink and scribbled Faith, Hope & Love on them. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

It's a season in life to learn these, Faith, Hope & Love. Especially it's drawing closer to the end of this year, I am thinking about the future, what to do next year, plans and dreams. Fear is lurking around. About the unknown and uncertainties. I need to refocus and trust and keep my hope. And love to see us through. What lies ahead... only God knows. I believe He has something planned for us. He knows what's best. 

Thanks Faith for the fun and bringing the dried up papers to me. 
Look forward to more craft sessions together. :)


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Finders Keepers Melbourne

Last weekend, I've visited the Finders Keepers Market at the Royal Exhibition Building. It was full of handmade products ranging from jewellery to cards and homewares. E bought me one of Emily Green's lovely necklaces (above) for my birthday. Here are some of the photos I've taken at the market.

For more photos, click here. :)

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