Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kuching in snapshots (2)

More pictures from my Kuching & Sibu trips. All taken with iPhone 4. 
Captions for pictures from top left to right. 
These were some of the memorable highlights from my trips.

1. SugarBun! (Fast Food exclusive to Sarawak only!) Love the pickles & raisin rice.
2. Pomfrets! tasted so yummy fried.
3. Wonton aka Bien Nuk (Foochow) made by my uncle (The Best in Sibu!)
4. Laksa Breakfast with my friends!
5. 3 different sizes of milk tea (teh C) the Largest was about 1 litre!
6. My cousin's sweetheart turned 3, her super hot chic barbie cake! tasted so Good! (Mango spongecake)

1. Kuching Cat dressed up for CNY
2. Make-up session at Shu Uemura
3. Hanging out with my childhood friend
4. snapshot with mum 

1. Love to order different drinks in kopitiam (Cafe) I had hot lemon tea.
2. Mum's longlife noodle with chicken soup on first day of Chinese New Year.
3. Ice Potong Kacang Merah (Red Bean ice-cream) My favourite! must have it everytime i went back!
4. Kampua!! (Foochow delicacy) grew up eating this in Sibu!
5. Laksa (the Best in Kuching) haha
6. childhood memory relived! what do you call this anyway... it's so fun!

1. Ah Yeo's ice kacangs (ABC) The shop owner was super hilarious! Tell him what you feel like, and he will intro the right combination for you! Definitely will quench your thirst.
2. Fort Margerita (Historical building) go google to read about it. hehe.
3. Doodles with a bunch of friends at Bing! cafe late at night, chilling & playing iphone games! :P
4. Sampan (little boat) trip crossing the Sarawak River to the Fort Margerita.
5. Waterfront Kuching. Dragon or Crocodile?

1. Mount Santubong 
2. At Orang Ulu's house (in Sarawak cultural village) He was playing 'Better Man' on his electric sape! 
3. Gigantic traditional house (in Sarawak cultural village)
4. Sape (Local Iban instrument) I think it's so cool!

1. Damai beach, Kuching
2. Performances in the Sarawak cultural village.
3. Interesting bridge made from wood logs and bamboos. (in Sarawak cultural village)
4. Gigantic Hornbill sculpture at Damai beach.

1. Hiking trip with friends up to Mt. Singai.
2. Visiting Iban Longhouse at Annah Rais.
3. Free Range chics, Annah Rais.
4. Part-time tour guide as my friend said. haha.
5. Angry looking rooster, Annah Rais.
6. Good company. :)

1. Sunny Hill Ice-cream! Must try Pandan flavor! haha.
2. Sarawak Laksa again for brekkie. 
3. Cats Museum, Meow~!
4. Gorgeous Orchids at orchid garden

Last but not least, it was the good company that made it all even better & enjoyable! 
For friends who shared fun & laughters, I thank God for each of you. :)
This Chinese New Year has been so special & meaningful as i get to celebrate it with my beloved family and friends. (group house-visiting with friends above)
Throughout this trip, i have been reminded of God's amazing grace & providence, also the rich culture of my hometown. It was truly amazing.
Couldn't resist to add a snapshot of my little niece (she's so cute in her cheongsam dress & big pink bow)


memtree said...

brings back wonderful memories of my trip there last year! i also enjoyed the many kopitiams, sarawak laksa, and ABC! apart from food, i also wondered if it was a dragon or crocodile by the waterfront! ah bubbles - they were fun as you could stick them on things and it'd stay for quite some time! thanks for sharing your trip in photos :)

L said...

Thanks Em for your lovely comments! Have a good weekend! ;-)

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