Monday, December 19, 2011

Much Love Monday: Moonlight Cinema

2 tickets for 'The Help' at the Synergy Park, Kings Park on 11 December 2011.

you & me

Little snacks 


We watched the movie 'The Help' starring Emma Stone.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves that night. 
The weather was lovely and warm. 
Even better if the sky was full of stars.
But clouds were fine.
i love clouds.
We found a nice spot for our picnic mat. 
Nice and early.
We shared a bean bag. 
lying there talking & snapping random photos.
I love the time we spent together.
i miss you lots.

The movie was perfectly cast, heart-warming, witty 
& i simply adore the 1960's. 
The friendship and compassion in the movie moved me to tears. 
One of my favourite movies of 2011. 

Watch the trailer here.

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Happy Monday!


Catherine Denton said...

I absolutely LOOOOOVE your header! Seriously. You have three of my favorite things on it: graph paper, book pages, and a brewing (reminds me of coffee) mind. Brilliant!

I took my daughter to see this movie and we were weeping at the end. Looks like such fun outdoors with your lovely snacks. Thanks for stopping by My Blog.

Katerina said...

Gee I haven't been to an outdoor cinema in years.
Pining for it after seeing your night time picnic.
This summer perhaps...

L said...

Thanks Catherine! :-)
Yes, Katsicles, you should! :)

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