Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Postcard from Nepal

about 2 weeks ago, i received the postcard my friend sent me from Nepal. Finally! after 2 months of patiently waiting... We decided to write to each other instead of writing to ourselves on our last day in Nepal. 
It feels nostalgic reading what she wrote for me. Words of encouragement.

I must say, words of encouragement is one of my love language. Simple words stringed together can have such powerful impact, at least for me. 

And i believe we all need words of encouragement... you never know someone out there might just use a little to feel uplifted and hopeful again. =)


Le Vélo Noir said...

I just LOVE it when people still take the time to write postcards, even in the age of text messaging or email. To me, it is always a touching experience seeing the handwriting of someone you know on a piece of paper that was sent from halfway across the world.

L said...

Yes indeed! Thanks for your kind words =) Merry Christmas!!

Unknown said...

Every piece of words written in paper or a postcard is very precious you erase it it would never go back to the same writing it means a lot to those who write.

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