Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blogger Meet-Up

Brunch date with my blogger buddy, Jo (my wey of life
at the Tuck Shop, Newcastle St, Northbridge
this morning.

So finally after months of interactions with Jo online, leaving comments on blogposts & instagram...
we have decided that it's time to meet up!! haha!
So excited about this.
First time ever.
Funny we just clicked straight away...kept talking non-stop. lol!
And she even made me the cutest Christmas cupcakes ever!! 
aww, so sweet of her!
She stayed up late just making them. 
Feel so loved! :)

Jo designed the cute 'Mantou' box too!

So Thanks so much, Jo!!
see you real soon again!

1 comment:

Jo Serwey said...

hhahaha so fast u!!! Thanks Lillian! Really glad to meet up with you! :D

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