Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giant Yellow Rabbit

by Florentjin Hofman

Introducing the 'stor gul kanin (big yellow rabbit)' by florentijn hofman in örebro, Sweden.

Have you seen this ginormous rabbit installation going around on the internet lately?

It's just simply too cute! I wonder if people can climb on little enthusiastic kids could easily climb to the top...provided it's safe to do so!

or maybe soon this rabbit will be made into a soft toy!! 
My niece would love it to pieces! 

Read about The Big Yellow Rabbit over here

by Florentjin Hofman

All images are of Florentjin Hofman from here

by Florentjin Hofman

Also, here's another creative public art installation by talented Florentjin Hofman.  
Inflated Fat Monkey made of Flip Flops! How adorable!

'fat monkey' made of flip flop by forentijn hofman in sao paulo, brazil


♥ Nadine said...

Ah, no! That is unbelievable cool. :)

Thanks for sharing. I love that yellow rabbit...

I wish I'd come up with ideas like that.

Here's to a happy week. xoxo.

L said...

yes..very cool idea right! Happy weekend to u too, Nadine!

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