Saturday, August 20, 2011

Please VOTE for my lil niece!

VOTE for me!! =P
This is my niece, Isobel, nicknamed Bel. She was born on 10 March 2011. She has LOTs of hair as you can see. LOL!

So my sis asked me to promote lil Bel's photo on Huggies  for Jeans for Genes photo competition.
i told her i have shared on facebook, tweeted about it repeatedly...
and now on my blog too! lol!

Just for you, sis!

Click here and click LIKE. As simple as that! 
And please spread the word too! to your family & friends!

Thank you!! You've just made my sis's day! =D

Thank You so Much!! xoxo


Coco Draws said...

She has the cutest little cheeks!!

L said...

hehe...thanks! ^^

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