Thursday, August 25, 2011

Frankie issue 43

 introducing Frankie latest issue...

24/31: frankie time

Frankie 43 issue is out today! It's thicker and loaded with pages of good stuff! I went to my local newsagency first thing after work to get a copy! You should see my eager look! haha. My friend asked why didn't i subscribe? Well, i guess i enjoy the thrill of buying it on the day it's out! 

{ 31 days project }

Read more about Frankie over here

special stickers for jam jars!

apple cider bottles illustrations by Dawn Tan

diary for 2012

moss rabbits

time to immerse myself in these wonderful pages... =)


Jenna Templeton said...

Love your pictures of Frankie magazine, good photography :) Such a great issue hey?

L said...

Thanks Jenna! yes.slowly savoring tru the pages :D

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