Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zines to savour

Recently I got myself these new issues of Peppermint & Frankie zines.
Here are some interesting snippets to share. =)

I always loved to read Dear Frankie...

trash turned treasure! (Frankie)

cute, right! (frankie)

yes i am...pretty broke lately. (Frankie)

Joy in giving (peppermint)

inspirations! (peppermint)


Jo Serwey said...

gosh.. dun make me buy frankie!!! :(

L said...

lol, Jo! you should! really! lots of good reads in it. worth $8.95 bi-monthly. hehe. :P

Jo Serwey said...

im trying so hard not to buy mags!! i got masterchef mags, photography mags, and now frankie?!?! no wayyyyyyy :( so broke now hahahah

L said...

Wah! Ok ok... Haha...maybe we can do exchange lol. Hope to see you on masterchef 2012! Go, Jo!!!

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