Sunday, May 1, 2011

Laughter Day Picnic at Kings Park

picnic our way: yellow, pink, doily & cuteness

love story

yummy food

the three cute kiiroitori

Heptagon kiwi

freshly baked sultana supermini cupcakes

 It's a beautiful 1st day of May, also it's World Laughter Day today. It shouldn't go to waste, so friends and i went picnicking at Kings Park!

I made some super xxxs cupcakes with sultana, decorated with mini MT tape flags & cute Kiiroitori eggs (see here for tutorial). Bought some snacks like Pocky, Tim Tam, Muruku chips, cut apples, sultanas...while my friend, Cindy prepared yummy noodle packed in cute bento boxes, coffee served in cute mini teacups, heptagon cut kiwi in cute Melody container.

She has a supercute collection of Melody's cutlery.

It so happened that we had lots of pink, yellow...and i brought some doily papers just for fun!

and the cute carebear softies...hehe...decided that they should come along and play with us too!!

They were meant for each other, don't you think!

We couldn't stop giggling...thinking that we are so like little kids playing 'tea party'...haha... There's a child in us who just wanted to have fun! Lol!

The giggling continued as we played Pictionary!! lol..we acted out the words instead of using the cards. It was so hilarous trying to guess the words!!

game time!

Happy Laughter Day!! Keep Calm & Laugh On!! =)

Cheeky bear loves picnicking! See you soon! x


Jo Serwey said...

Awwww this is the cutest picnic ever!!! I'm soooooo jeolous!!!! At first I thought you were playing masak masak! haahhahaah

L said...

Hehe... Ya, it did feel like masak-masak!! Lol!

Jenna Templeton said...

This picnic is kawaii wonderful! I would like to be invited to the next one please :)

Urban Scarlet said...

this looks like too much fun!

L said...

@Jenna - thanks! it was kind of random, my friend happened to bring all so cute cutlery! time u come to Perth!
@Urban Scarlet - thanks! it was heaps good! :D

Jennifer Young said...

lol! so cute! i seriously chuckled out loud when i saw those care bears! what a lovely picnic.

L said...

haha...Thanks Jen for your comment! *chuckles*

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