Thursday, May 5, 2011

DIY: animal farm

This arvo i made myself a little lamb from some Fimo clay.
I saw a collection of Schleich animals while browsing at Toy'R'us yesterday. I found a cute little lamb and almost wanted to take it home with me. Too cute.

image from here

Instead, i had a light-bulb moment. I thought to myself that i could try making one myself.

So i spent this arvo (close to an hour plus) playing with some Fimo clay i bought a while ago. It was quite fun but also tricky to get the details near perfection. haha. failed and tried again. Especially for the four limbs, i had trouble joining them to the body.

Say hello to my new friend, Little Peach

My little lamb turned out not so perfect like Schleich...but at least, it looks like a lamb to me!
I baked my little lamb at 110c for almost 30mins. It came out perfectly 'cooked'. haha. it became rock hard after leaving it to cool for a while. I could have painted it a bit...but i think i will leave it as it is.
A little Peachy Lamb.
I wonder what other animals i would like to attempt at making. lol.
If you found some Fimo clay, you should try it too! Fun!

Hello, Little Peach


Jo Serwey said...

i bought fimo last year to make my Miss mantou.. gosh.. i don't know how to work on it!

L said...

Hehe... I played with it years ago. And now got some just for fun. I agreed, It took me a while to get the shapes I want. Tricky and fiddly. Need lots of patience. Hehe.

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