Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rainy Day Bliss

source: Tumblr
 Heavy downpour in Perth today! I thought Mr. Ducky wanted to have a swim in the puddle and enjoy the rain. Look how happy he was! lol.

more Mr. Ducky photos at my Flickr.

source: Tumblr
source: Pinterest
i can't help but to smile as i walked in the rain this morning to my car after work.
Rainy Day Bliss.


Jo Serwey said...

omg. where is the hippo from??

Gracey said...

and it's raining here (the other part of the planet) right now. and i am smiling, too *__*

L said...

Hallo Jo! lol...the hippo has always been there in the front porch...see it's a bit dirty.. lol. Hippo is happiest when it rains lo! haha.
Hi Gracey! yay! Glad the rain makes you smile too! :D

Helena said...

so cute. i love mr ducky!

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