Saturday, May 21, 2011

oh Mr. Moon

It was full moon recently. The sight of full moon never fail to impress me, leaving me awe struck at the magnificient calmness of a giant spotlight in the night sky.

and i stumbled upon these Moon in various via tumblr. Love these brilliant ideas of shooting with Mr. Moon.

let's see how wide is the Moon

frame the Moon!
climb up the Moon (my favourite)
Tummy glows
cup of Moon
hula hoop the Moon
Paint me the Perfect Moon
pass Moon on
Giant Spotlight
Play it
bounce it
i believe i can fly - Michael Jordan
ginormous pilate excercise ball!
weight-lift the Moon

source: the wholesome obsessive (tumblr)


Gracey said...

this is so clever! :D gives me an idea to weight-lift the moon!

L said...

lol! yes...! :D

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