Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pixar family movie day!

saw this in VF while flipping through the zine at library today. Image from here.
This picture is perfectly lovely with all my favourite characters. Imagining myself sitting among these awesome characters. Maybe next to Woody, or Carl Fredrickson or the talking dog in Up. hehe.

"...a further nine years would pass before Pixar’s first full-length feature, Toy Story, and only 10 more films have followed to date—the studio has set the gold standard not just for animation but for cinema, period. Up (2009) featured a wordless five-minute interlude that captured the joy of new love, the ups and downs of a working marriage, and the bitter pill of widowhood; it was a watershed: a “Believe us now?” riposte to anyone who doesn’t think computers or animators are capable of work that moves the heart."  - VF
Little Ratatouille is so cute! i want to pet it! =)

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