Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Miss & Little Men

Yesterday Google celebrates the Hargreaves' birthday with a colorful cycle of doodles depicting several of Hargreaves' animated characters, including Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. Tickle and Mr. Messy. -source

Did you see the different Google logos?

Rather than post a single doodle in honor of Hargreaves, Google has chosen 16 characters to feature on the home page.

Here are some cute ones! One of my favourites is Mr Bump!! (check out Mr Bump iPhone App too!) and of course Miss Sunshine!

cute Little Miss Sunshine
It reminded me of my childhood memories. Used to read all the little booklets at library and make up my own version of story between the different Little Miss characters. Hehe. My favourite character is Little Miss Sunshine, simply she is so adorable & her radiant smile just cheers me up.

Back in 2005, i made a little bowl and painted Little Miss Sunshine on it. It is still sitting on my table now.

And look what i found in Woolworth today! I was picking up some baking paper and saw Little Miss cute sandwich bags (30bags in a pack) Miss Sunshine & Miss Giggles plus a free sticker! Too Cute!

Now my sandwiches taste better with Miss Sunshine. lol.

Little Miss Sandwich Bags mix. $2.59.
 i just downlaoded the free Mr Bump iPhone game. so cute!


♥ Nadine said...

Oh nooo, I missed that! I love little Miss Sunshine so much. Also, little Miss Chatterbox is too cute!

Haha. :)


L said...

aw, u missed it. it's's the recap. hehe..thanks for your comment, Nadine.

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