Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kakulas Brothers

It was my first time entering this wonderful wholesale grains & spices shop, Kakulas Brothers on William St yesterday. I've walked past it a few times but never stepped inside until then. There's a strong aroma of spices lingering in the air as you near the shop.

I like to be in shops like this one. It's nostalgic feeling. And i was glad i found some poppy seeds (planning to bake Orange poppy seed cupcakes!) and some chocolate coated nuts! Now i know where i can easily buy some spices.

 I grabbed some goodies for just under $5! I realized they only accept CASH (lol, it's emphasized everywhere in the shop!) and i only had $5. I got some poppy seeds, walnuts & trying some choc-coated cranberries. yum!

George Senior still works the till, keeping his 90-year-old mind alert remembering hundreds of price codes. Spices by the sack, any fruit you can dry (and other muesli fixin's), Mediterranean olives, Austrian wafers, Polish Morello Cherries. They've recently changed their system, so forgive the poor guy if he overcharges you for the odd dried apricot. Tea is sold by the gram. Fourty cents at Kakulas gets you the same as $20 at certain wanky tea houses. Columbian coffee is ground to your requirements.
Drop in. Say yasou to George. Listen to his stories. Admire his range. Envy his nose.
- sixthousand
I think I saw the hardworking George. He was at the counter, busy serving customer. =)

Kakulas Brothers
183 William Street, Northbridge

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