Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mom's Day + Royal Wedding

It's a glorious day today...especially for the newly wed Will & Kate. The whole world is ecstatic!

It's also my Mom's Day. As she will be travelling quite soon over the next 2 weeks, i thought we should celebrate Mothers'day in advance. Everday should be Mothers' day, really, to show that we appreciate and cherish her. =)

So, we had Japanese for lunch in the city, bought some groceries, shopped for her skincare product, had take-away coffee then headed home just in time for the live broadcast of the Royal Wedding.

Here are some pictures i took with my new camera.

Ristretto Coffee (160 St. George Tce)

Lunch at Iku

image source: From Me to You tumblr

While watching the Royal Wedding, i had an attempt at making these cute Rilakkuma inari-zushi by Annathered. See 'How-to' here. Very easy and fun to make! and tasted delicious!

cute DIY dinner
Not forgetting the Balcony Kiss! sweet!!

Happily Ever After!


Jo Serwey said...

aww.. what a lovely celebration~! I wish my mom is here so that I can bring her around and celebrate mother's day!!
Masterchef 3 tonight L!!!! XD

L said...

Lol, yes masterchef!! haha!
thanks Jo! fly her here! ;-)

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