Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just a few random

guess what...

I decided that Nikon coolpix compact camera is not my type afterall...

So i went back to the shop and did an exchanged for Canon Ixus. Always been a Canon user, i'm glad that i made this decision. A sense of familiarity.

Happier now taking pictures with my new Canon. =)

haven't play with Poladroid for ages!

Learned my lesson. Gotta be careful not to let sand come near my cammy!!

Also, recently I started pinning on Pinterest! Check it out! Loads of inspirations! I like the very organized idea of assorted boards to categorize images.

L on Pinterest

Have you seen these awesome Like & Dislike stamps? A perfect gift idea for a Facebook Addict! LOL!

image from here

And i miss my little niece! She is now on her very first 'holiday'/travel!
So all i can do now is stare at this cute photo of her taken the day before departure.
I wonder how different she'll look when i see her again in a week+ 

lil Bel 7weeks


Jo Serwey said...

Canon rockz!
cute baby!!! i wanna pinch her cheek!

L said...

yes...i realized Canon is still my fav!
hehe...ya...her chubby cheeks are irresistable!

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