Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free Coffee + New Camera

So, my poor faithful digital camera canon ixus 90 has come to its end of life on Monday while i was happily playing with sand & snapping pictures of my friend sandboarding. Sadly the superfine sand went inside the camera. Lens error, restart camera, stated on the screen. But no matter how many different ways i tried to rescue it,and still hoping that it would suddenly come alive, but it didn't.

Then it became clear that it could be the end of its life. sigh. My excitement did went downhill for a while. So i had to bear with my iphone camera to snap pictures for the remaining trip on Monday.

But somehow i kept my hopes up, thinking that it will miraculously come back alive!!

Anyway, that was few days ago. Yesterday i procrastinated, so didn't make a trip to the shops. I went online browsing at digital cameras because i had a feeling that they gonna say it's not worth repairing as you would be paying the same for a new camera anyway.

Always been a Canon faithful user, I had my heart set on Canon Ixus 220 HS, scribbled it on a sticky note, Then, went to the Camera House on Leederville this morning just to get it and go.

But we know it's always not the case.

After browsing and being distracted at the shop, I came out with a Nikon coolpix s5100 instead. I opted for a cheaper price with equally good features such as optical zoom x5. I knew it. I always end up buying a different product even thou I had planned to get a specific one.

Plus, yes, it was not worth repairing as they said. So...sadly i bid you adieu, Canon Ixus 90. It was a graduation gift to me 2 years ago. RIP, cammy. (sniff-sniff)

So, this time i am trying something different. Hopefully i'll have fun playing with my new camera!

The lady at Camera House was super friendly and patient. She even offered me a free coffee! Apparently they have a cafe upstairs where you can have a cuppa while waiting for your photos to be developed. What a brilliant idea!

And i got my free cappuccino. A generous large cup of cappuccino. Delicious!

It made my day! A yummy coffee & a new camera to experiment and play with! Happy Thursday!


Jo Serwey said...

Goodbye old Cam and Hello New Cam!
I always love getting new cameras hahaah

L said...

haha! yes new camera is fun! :)

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