Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Craft: Envelope paper bag

cute teddy from supporting PMH Foundation for Kids & little Green from Angove St Festival on Sunday


The reason behind lack of posts is because I have a plateful of goodness over the past 10 days or so.
I have been spending hours in the kitchen baking! (will post about it soon)
Many other lovely things happened and i've captured some moments in snapshots. (will post about it soon)

so you see, there are so many things i would really love to catch up with and make a note about them. I feel like I'm running in a race catching for air and there is no slowing down. Chasing thoughts. Making mental notes and scribbling post-it notes & punching notes on my phone, setting reminders on phone, etc.

I think i have bitten off more than i could chew. Sound so greedy...grin*

Anyway... Here's one to start with...

I realised i have not been making stuff with paper for a long while. And making something simple this morning, out of the blue, has brought back a sense of fulfilment in paper-crafting.

I stumbled upon this lovely blog this morning via some links which i am terrible at tracing back.
Then i was browsing at the DIY tutorials and found this easy as 123 & fun craft: Make bags from envelope and pretty tapes.

So i pull out an envelope and some of my MT tapes to make my own paper bag. I managed to make one this morning before work and was quite happy with the result. I will definitely make more! Feeling motivated again! =)


Jo Serwey said...

Wow!! look absolutely gorgeous!!! can I have that pls~ :P

L said...

hehe...sure! or you can DIY too! :-)

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