Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tuesday fun outing

chillaxing at Lake Monger

playing bubbles at the Lake

Chocolate ice-cream flavored

perfect day for some bubble fun
On Tuesday, i spent some time showing my friend who just moved to Perth 2 months ago some places in Perth. Here are some of the highlights of the day.

Our one-day-trip itinerary:
Mt Hawthorn -> Leederville -> Northbridge -> Mt Lawley -> Lake Monger

It was fun window-shopping, browsing at stuff, being inspired & getting to know each other better. We chatted and laughed and found out we share common interests! lol.

we visited some of my favourite shops...

 Paper Fusion at Mt Hawthorn
Paper Fusion is a lovely papercraft shop with ever-changing beautiful window displays. The decorations and display of assorted papers were so pretty that i just had to snap a few shots to show you! They have classes in-store too! Check out their website for more info.

cupcakes at The Bent Spoon
Then, we headed to Leederville. On the way, we stopped by Distracted Merchants of Fancy on Oxford St. I told my friend that Distracted has been like a tourist attraction to me. I keep bringing friends and family to visit the lovely multi-function-gorgeous-coffee-aroma

We drove past a striking orange signboard on Oxford St, so out of curiousity, we stopped by to have a peek. The Bent Spoon is a recently opened cake shop. They cater for all occasions like weddings and birthdays. We bought an orange poppy seed cupcake to share. It was moist and light in texture. yum!

After that, we walked along Oxford St, checking out recipe books at Oxford St books, also one of my favourite past-time hang-out place.

For lunch, we went to What the Pho? at Northbridge, then we walked to Aberdeen St to buy the quite-well-known apple strudel from Corica bakery.

beef noodle soup at What the pho?

After lunch, we headed to Mt Lawley. We walked along Beaufort St and also popped by Zakka Box to say hello to Yuka, the friendly lady owner who just returned safely from Japan. My friend bought a set of lovely food shapers/molds for bento/lunch box. Too cute! They can be used to cute bread and make cute cheese sandwiches...Making lunch more exciting and fun with these cuties. yum!

cute Japanese food shapers/molds!
 And we ended our outing at Lake Monger, enjoying the autumn breeze and watching the black swans, playing with bubbles!


Jo Serwey said...

Wow! I love girly outings like this!!!
and nice sharing those shops! I will go there real soon to check it out haha! :D

L said...

Yes Jo! you'll like paper fusion & for cute Jap goods, head to Zakka Box on Beaufort St.
btw, what are some of your favourite shops/boutiques in Perth?

Helena said...

Sounds like you had such a gorgeous day :)

Jo Serwey said...

My favourite?
Let me think~
Honestly, my brain just pop up lots of places to eat! -_- bad sign.. bad sign.. ahahha
but anyway, I used to go to the paper shop in Leederville Lala design and fitzerald st Starfish lane. But you know.. all these things are expensive!! So I ended up creating things myself using cheap material :P
William Topp, pigeonhole, canningvale market, planet video, crow books, The Good Store, Zekka.. thats what I can think off at the moment. I believe you have been most of these places :P

L said...

Wow! cool, Jo! Thanks for the list. I heard about the Good Store...a bit far from my place, but must pay a visit someday. i shall check out crow books & zekka!

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