Friday, April 1, 2011

Crochet with Granny Funk

Today was the last day of my 4-weeks crochet class for beginners with Granny Funk (Megan).

week 1

practising some crochet techniques...
but i think i've been making some mistakes here. lol!

week 2
crocheting a circle
week 3 & 4

completed one hand warmer so far...hehe, i'm a bit of a slow learner.

It's been a really good learning experience in a small group with Megan at a nice friendly café for the past 4 weeks. There were 6 of us who were keen on crocheting and it's inspiring to see what others have planned to do. Megan was friendly and helpful giving one to one assistance whenever we got stuck.

It's a liberating feeling to see how a ball of yarn turns into something beautifully crocheted!

I first met Megan at Made on the Left market on a Sunday afternoon. She was giving out her crochet class flyers. Megan also has an online shop at ETSY. If you are interested, go check out her next crochet class details etc information via her blog or facebook page.

Do you crochet too? i would really appreciate that maybe you can share some tips or project or links with me!


Le Vélo Noir said...

Great job at learning how to crochet! It takes patience and practice but the results are quite rewarding.

L said...

Thanks!! yep, will keep practising with patience...making lovely things for loved ones. :-)

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