Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rabbit Rads

Origami rabbit pin by Singapore label, Hug-a-porcupine.
 Pic Source: the Little Drom Store

Shinzi Katoh's illustration! A cute rabbit fabric badge i bought at Moose stall at Unwrapped market.
Last week i made these dark chocolate rabbits using the molds i bought from Spotlight. Cute!

another cute rabbit wooden brooch/badge bought at Moose stall. Still searching to find out who made this.
If you know, let me know ya!
One thing i'm sure is that it's made by Australian designer/artist as Moose sells all local Aussie goods!

Also i stumbled upon these lovely bubbly child-like tunes at Lullatone via the Little Drom Store's tweet. Cute tunes that i can listen to all day long. You should listen to them too!

Happy Mid-Week!!


♥ Nadine said...

This Origami Rabbit Pin is too cute for words!! Perfect for coming Easter time. :)

Le Vélo Noir said...

What great finds you have! Bunnies are perfect for Spring and those of us who celebrate Easter.

L said...

That's right, Easter is coming up...and yes indeed the rabbit pin would be a perfect gift!

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