Monday, September 20, 2010

Interesting finding: Zakka Box

Last Saturday I was on my way to We Heart Vintage Market on Beaufor St, Mt Lawley and i walked past this amazingly cute shop called Zakka Box. The fascinating window display caught my attention immediately. i have stepped into a wonderland of beautiful things from Japan. That instance reminded me of my Japan trip in early April.

The owner is a lovely friendly Japanese lady. I could not help but to express my enthusiasm and joy by telling her how much i love the beautiful unique things in her shop! There are many things from stationery to nursery to homeware to kitchen to outdoor. The designs are all so unique expressing the creativity of Japanese designs. And i love the music she played on her ipod. I think they were The Beatles songs. I instantly fell in love with the shop and in my head i was telling myself how excited Janice would be too seeing the lovely things! I could feel myself getting really hyped up that morning because i had made a few Interesting and Important Discoveries of Perth. Next post: Ruck Rover General Store. :)

I bought some MT tapes which i was inspired by an idea book the owner lady left on the shelves for browsing. I have bought a few MT tapes from Japan and i havent been using them much. But after browsing the book i am inspired to create things with MT tapes.

There was also a whole lot of goods by Designer/illustrator Shinzi Katoh. According to the owner lady, he is a very famous artist in Japan.

Shinzi Katoh is one of the most famous Japanese artist.
Not only as a designer but also as an artist,
his unique and modern works are valuated highly.
He has had many offers for various exhibitions.
The paintings of Shinzi Katoh are famous for landscape,
animals and portrait. Especially the figure paintings of
woman who wear Kimono are admired as impressive works.
In his museum, you can see his important works that are priceless.
Now he has been offered to have an exhibition
in New York which he is presently working on. -source
He designed not only stationery,but also homeware, assessories and a whole lot more stuff! There are also series of themed stationery like Pooh and Alice in Wonderland.

images from Shinzi Katoh online shop.

Shop 2/611 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley, WA 6060

Check out Zakka Box Facebook Page for latest updates.

images from Zakka Box Facebook page


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Please continue to post beautiful things you find in Perth :)

L said...

it's my pleasure to share the goodies i've found. :)

jan said...

I like!

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