Monday, September 20, 2010

City in Bloom 2010

Last Friday I walked around Perth city with a map to find the installations for the City in Bloom event and these are some of the creative installations photos i took during my exploration.

i have one exactly the same as the little hot pink hair fellow!

outside Art Gallery

Entrance of Art Gallery

I also went to see the Art in Bloom exhibitions in Art Gallery. Unfortunately photography is not allowed in the Gallery. I had an amazing time admiring over the creative artwork both conventional and contemporary artwork and the fresh flowers dotted all over the place with  scents of flower fragrance. I love how the artists/designers incorporated the floral themes to the artwork exhibited. I wish i could spend more time in the gallery but I had to leave for work. Despite the short visit, I was happily loaded with inspirations when i left.

 More photos at my Flickr.

addit: i stumbled upon this cool blog while finding food places in Perth as friends are visiting this weekend, she blogged about City in Bloom in details! Featuring all the installations! Very Impressive!

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