Wednesday, September 1, 2010

coffee art

I love the aroma of coffee and anything coffee flavored. I used to drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day, usually making my own with instant nescafé with a dash of milk. These days i tend to drink less, maybe it's indicating that i am not so addicted to caffeine nowadays. I drink a bit of earl grey and Japanese green tea too lately and definitely a lot more milo than any other time of the year as the winter weather just makes you want to have a hot cup of tea/milo.
Recently i decided to make coffee using a different method using a coffee plunger. So i bought a packet of ground coffee and a small coffee plunger, sort of like a starter kit for brewing own coffee. Good thing was the coffee plunger was on discount so 'i wouldn't think i've spent so much' on this. heh. Since then i have been enjoying a different, slightly stronger, delicate coffee aroma on mornings like today, a rather wet and gloomy day and i needed to stay awake through a 3 hours talk on Drug and Alcohol at work office.

so i was fascinated with the coffee plunger and it inspired this - i drew a little coffee themed doddle on a page of an aged book found at a secondhand bookstore. These pages act as good canvas and fun to work on. :)

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