Monday, August 30, 2010

stamp art: fishes of the reef

I love stamps. Saw one of my patients applying one of these gorgeous fish self-adhesive stamps to his letter last saturday. I then commented how beautiful the fish collection was. He told me that I could get them from the newsagency in the hospital.

So after work, I went to the newsagency and asked specifically for the self-adhesive stamps 10x 60cent.
I was hoping she would give me the fish collection but she pulled out other collection. So i asked her if she has any fish collection left. I went 'Ah, that's the one. They are so pretty. I saw my patient using it and thought right i should get some myself too' excitedly when she took out the fish collection. Then she bursted out a giggle. She must had thought that was funny of me asking specifically for them. She was still giggling away when i handed her the money. lol.

The 'sticker'stamps are so handy nowadays, saving me from the trouble of applying the wet glue/gluestick to the back of the stamps. Good stuff!

another lovely collection of 'The adopted and adored' puppies. :)

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