Wednesday, September 1, 2010

paper clay fun

It's pottery wednesday today again. Good to get my hands covered in clay and having fun creating things again at the studio.

Top left: bunny was fired in the kiln and ready to be brought home today
Top right: horsy is ready to be fired this week
Bottom left: i brought my cookie cutter this week and made some heart shapes
Bottom right: i made a candle holder and another rabbit 2D


Grandpa said...

During my school days arts and craft was with clay or pieces of plywood with mini saw. Had lots of fun with them.

I brew my coffee with the plunger too, tastes a lot better. I buy coffee beans from, yes, Coffee Beans or Starbucks or Gloria Jeans and get them to grind. Somehow the brain works better with coffee

purplejelly said...

Lillian ur so creative n inspiring! when you were studying were u able to pursue ur interests so passionately as well? ah i wish i had more time sometimes to do the stuff i want to do :D

oh yes ive gone back to cycling to uni! bt now no more cycling buddy...hehe..are u still cycling in perth? :D

L said...

yes Grandpa, i am loving the brewed coffee. it smells gorgeous.

Janene! good to hear u're cycling. sadly i drive more than i walk/cycle nowadays..hmm...need to get back into the walking/cycling soon! hmm..i'm sure some ocfers love to cycle too! should organise another biking trip Spring ya! :)
i've always been interested in art/craft stuff mainly papergoods...a bit of pottery these few years... i started this blog hopefully can motivate me to really improve on my passion for art/craft...and STAY motivated. hehe.

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