Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jo!

Last evening, Cindy & i had a lovely catch-up with Jo (My Wey of Life
at Senoji Japanese Restaurant, Vic Park.

green tea at Senoji
curry croquette (front) crispy! & tori karaage (back) juicy!
grilled Kingfish head & wing -fresh!
love these drawings on the ceramic plates from Japan

We had prepared a mini birthday surprise for Jo. Her birthday is coming up soon so we thought it would be lovely to celebrate it before she goes on her holiday.


Tweaked all together 'birthday' cake (recipe adapted from 'Afternoon tea' by Frankie magazine.)
cute cake toppers handmade by Cindy.

and yes, amazingly Jo finished most of the cake! Thumbs up*
(check out her blog to read about her birthday awesomeness)
birthday girl, Jo
it was a memorable evening.

Here's to all the laughter and things we shared together. Cheers!
 Thank you again, Jo for the chocolate treats. They were so yummy! Well done!

made by Jo xoxo


Jo Serwey said...

I finish the cake because there's so much love and it's yummy!!! :D

So Happy~!! Thank you for surprising me.. you both are awesome!

Helena said...

too cute! love the cake. it is simple delightful!

L said...

Jo & Helena

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