Saturday, January 14, 2012

Word play & Round Montage

I downloaded the Montage iphone app yesterday and have been hooked on it since then. haha.
Do you use Montage? If not, go download it and i'm pretty sure you'll be addicted to it too! lol.
Been playing with some old photos on my iphone and making them 
into little random round montage featuring sceneries of beautiful Perth city.
Also, i fell in love with HelveticaNeue-Ultra Light Italic.

a catchy piano tune stuck on replay: Fade into darkness by Avicii. 

This is my favourite. The blue boat shed along Mounts Bay Road, Crawley. 

This was taken with my iphone back in September 2011 
while we were on a ferry passing by the Statue of Liberty. 
Ah, New York... i miss you.

Here's to a fantastic weekend!


dear olive said...

Oh this looks cool! I think I might have to get it! Kellie xx

L said...

yes, you'll love the app, Kellie! :)

purplejelly said...

haha i love the helvetica light family too! :D

Anika said...

Love these, thanks for the app idea!

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