Friday, October 7, 2011

happy birthday (i)

The idea of helium balloons came as an impromptu. haha. It was quite fun! Felt like a little kid again!


Jo Serwey said...

Awesome stuff! Happy birthay Lil! Have a wonderful birthday!! Good start for your weekend :D

L said...

Thank you Jo!! Hope you get well soon!! :-)

Jenna Templeton said...

Happy Birthday Lil! Hope you had a wonderful day xx Great photos!

L said...

Yes, Jenna. Was a beautiful day. =)

♥ Nadine said...

Did I already wish you a belated happy birthday? Don't know now, but if not: all the best to you, honey. :)

Hellium balloons make everything just sooo much better!


Girl holding a paintbrush said...

wow! great photos!! I hope you had a lovely birthday :)
the movie was really good and had some really good funny bits. I am sure you will love it


L said...

Thanks Nadine!! :D

Thanks Murphy!! :D

All your warm wishes are much appreciated! i feel so blessed! :D

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