Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dinner at Rockpool

Janice was here over the weekend and we went to Rockpool Bar & Grill for dinner on Saturday night.

Janice had My steak tartare with chips

for starter, i had Roast squid, smokey chilli and pork belly (very generous serving!)

Janice had Fillet minute style with Cafe de Paris butter & potato puree as side.

I had Confit Tuna with braised zucchini bucatini with chilli
So it was really great to catch up with Janice again after our USA trip 2 weeks. This dining experience brought us back to the many foodie experiences we had in New York.

Thought we should try some nice fancy food while she was here visiting, so i checked out the various websites and reviews on restaurants and listed out a few options like Rockpool, Nobu & Modo Mio. But because i pushed it too late to the time to book, by the time i called Rockpool, it was all booked out. So we tried Nobu and it was full too given it was a Saturday. We ended up going to Burswood Entertainment Complex anyway just to see if we can walk in to any of the restaurants. So we walked into Rockpool, which had an elegant corridor with candles on the sides. There's tables at the bar and serving same menu, so we were delighted!

The atmosphere was quite romantic although the kitchen area was bustling, full of steam. The service was top and friendly, the entrees/starters we ordered were actually quite big generous servings. The mains were good too and we thoroughly enjoyed them. And we were feeling so full that there's no room for desserts!

For more juicy review on the restaurant, please check out Jo's blogpost on Rockpool cause honestly after i saw the review & pics, i wanted to go there too! So thank you, Jo for your reviews and recommendations!

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