Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Shower

Green themed Baby Shower!
Last Saturday i went to a friend's baby shower. 2 of her friends hosted the event and some of us helped to set up/bake/prepare food etc. It was so much fun arranging/decorating her dining table. I made some macarons too. One of her friend baked rabbit cupcakes! so yummy! We ate, chatted, laughed, played games, took LOTS of pictures & opened all gifts. The mom-to-be was overjoyed! we all are so excited to see her first baby girl's arrival in a month's time!

yummy nibbles!
and i think my friend's faux moss rabbit is just too cute!
the Hosts printed lovely design/deco & made a nappy tier! Too cute!

Her baby's room is so cute!!the rabbit wall stickers are too cute! i want them too!

layered jello! see the cute rabbit jelly!

It was so funny!!! we had so much laughters!

a green tea macaron & The mom-to-be baked some lovely cookies as gifts for guests.


Jo Serwey said...

OMG this party is so pretty!!! I wish I could do like this!!! 0_0
can u do my baby shower in a few years time? hahahaha

Helena said...

this looks like so much fun! that game is hilarious. x

L said...

Thanks Jo & Helena for your lovely comments!
Jo: haha! it'll be fun! call me! :P

nevertheless said...

lol, pin the sperm on the egg...I might have to steal this idea for any future baby showers I attend!

L said...

hehe...yes...it'll be so funny! Thanks Sheryl for dropping by. :D

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