Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Winter bits

Just a few random bits on Winter...

Exactly this time last year i was travelling with 3 friends in Christchurch, Queenstown & Auckland, NZ. Collected this at the Info Center in Queenstown. The roads get slippery with icy layer of snow in Queenstown so this is a reminder card with road info sources at the back of the card.
I miss those fun times in NZ.

Kickstart a wintery day with Uncle Toby's traditional oat porridge with mixed berries & a drizzle of honey for breakfast.

Myer Stocktake sale! 30% off for these winter needs! Got a nice comfy pair of Miss Shop 'campa' shoes, a pair of long hand warmers & a beige scarf, all with discounted price. yay!

Though it's chilly now, it's actually quite refreshing just to go for a stroll in my neighbourhood. Spotted a cute letterbox.

Down side: Night comes early in winter. rather depressing at times.

Sunny side: Juicy little mandarins are in season now...ummm...

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