Monday, June 6, 2011

Foundation Day PH & Food pics!

It's Foundation Day Public Holiday in Perth today. Yay for most people having a day off (long weekend). I gotta go to work in just a little while...but yay, triple pay!
bought 2 Lego minifigures and they turned out to be a pair! lol!

It's Dragon Boat Festival today! Friends from church dropped by and gave us some rice dumplings! Yumm!

Yummy Chai Latte at Lo Zucchero, Dalkeith.

Good food & company
My housemate & i attempted matcha macarons this morning. Her first time ever making macarons which turned out pretty successful! They are so good!
Have a fabulous start to your week! =)


Jo Serwey said...

what a full on day!!!! you did so much in a day!! and Im just lazying around at home and attended a wedding haha.
good stuff! macaroon.. mmm....

L said...

hehe...the pizza lunch was on friday. macaron-making in a.m, work in arvo. :P
Wedding! Nice! well, it's PH so it's ok u lazed around at home :P

Anonymous said...

oo those macaroons look veddy tasty~! *drools*

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