Monday, May 30, 2011

Banana Cake & Rabbit Walk

I baked my first banana cake last Friday. I was inspired to try out Poh's recipe after reading Jo's (my wey of life) blogpost using the recipe from Poh's Kitchen cookbook. I bought Poh's cookbook a while ago when Borders had discount to cookbooks. To date, i have only tried Poh's banana cake recipe. Previously i was using her macaron recipe for reference but did not follow the whole recipe to make the macarons.

a fatal disaster nearly happened as i forgot to add my brown sugar to the mixture. Completely forgotten about it until i poured the batter into the cake tin. I felt like an idiot! lol. So, i thought i could still add the brown sugar to the batter and mix it thoroughly IN the cake tin. (i doubt anyone has done that before!) haha. So fingers crossed...i put it into the oven hoping it'll turn out alright.

And it did turned out good! phew! Still yummy & moist. I cut the cake into pieces and brought to my Disciple class on Saturday morning. Feedback was good! Phew phew.

Like Jo said, i love banana cake too. It's a good recipe that will not go wrong. No doubt it's the Best Banana Cake in the World! It's so moist & yummy & packed with nutrients! Definitely going to bake more banana cakes! ~

Although banana price is so expensive nowadays, i managed to find discount pack for overripe bananas. Yay to that!
the Best Banana Cake in the world!
On Saturday, it was a beautiful 24 degree sunny day. A perfect day to spend some time under the sun, so definitely not to be wasted as it started raining on Sunday night and will be a rather wet one this week!
So my friend. Cindy decided to take her darling rabbit, Carol out for a stroll on Saturday arvo. I tagged along too.

I think Carol was a bit shy at first and probably overwhelmed by the new big space...also, she probably did not enjoyed being attached to a leash. haha. It was actually a bit tricky to keep up with Carol. She tended to go her own ways. =P

Little Carol's first outing at the park.

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