Monday, April 18, 2011

Much love Monday: french macarons!

macarons from Mannings Farmers' Market
So on Saturday, i popped by Mannings Farmers' Market for a quick stroll before they ended at 12noon.
It was my first time there. My friend told me that they have macarons there. haha.

I bought 6 macarons for $10.

Picture: Flavours: Lemon, Vanilla, Peanut Butter (the Best!) & Honey & thyme.

Peanutbutter macaron tasted so Good! the Best!

I have taken a few more pictures, will post on Flickr soon!

Lately i am having a food affair with macarons! been making a few batches so far using Tartelette's recipes.
I couldn't remember when & where i tasted my first macarons. It was a few years ago. And they all tasted different.

Also, last Tuesday, I finally bought a macarons recipe book from Beaufort Street Books. There were a few choices of books to choose from. I had a quick browse and really liked this sweet lovely chic style book by Annie Rigg. It's a new book first published this year!

I am going to use the recipes inside and see if the macarons turn out different from Tartelette's recipes.

pages from the book

my sweet surrender


Girl holding a paintbrush said...

Now I want Macarons. Haven't had them in ages.
I have been meaning to try a Macaron recipe at home as well. But they seem like they would be difficult to make. Hope to hear about your success on making them :)

Murphy, xo

Jayni said...

Gorgeous macaroon photos! I love them. Have you tried them at Laduree - in Paris? Heaven!

Tania said...

Rather partial to a macaron or three, myself. Pity Easter Bunny deals only in chocolate eggs around here.

L said...

Thank you ladies for your lovely comments! ^^
yes definitely try making them... & Hopefully one day i can go to Paris & try Laduree's macarons!

Jennifer Young said...

i'm really craving a macaron right now!! especially that lemon one...and honey and thyme? amazing.

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