Monday, April 18, 2011

DIY: cute Easter chocolates

What i did this morning. I melted some dark & milk chocolate buttons together in the microwaves for 30 seconds. Stirred & another 20 seconds in the microwaves, they should be nice and smoothly melted.

Then i poured the chocolate into cute rabbits & ducklings molds i've bought from Spotlight. I used a little teaspoon as this process may be a little tricky & messy. Wipe the edges clean before the chocolate harden.
Leave it to dry on bench if cool weather or simply popped them into the fridge. Should be set within half an hour.

For the yellow ducklings, i used white chocolates and added yellow food colouring powder.

Then have some fun taking snapshots. And don't forget to share with others this Easter Sunday. God Bless. =)

More photos at my Flickr!

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Wusel's... said...

oooohhh...what a good idea. I will do the same today, I think. Thank you :-)))

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