Saturday, October 9, 2010

Interesting Finding: Snoopy Limited Edition Moleskine Journals

images from Scription

image from Moleskine

"The covers of these Peanuts Limited Edition Collection Moleskine journals all have an embossed "Peanuts 60th Anniversary" logo subtly sits on the top left hand corner of the cover.  Illustration of our beloved characters are done in white paint giving a very strong contrast with the black journal." - Scription
Was searching for MT tapes photos on Flickr and somehow stumbled on Scription's Flickr and SAW Snoopy limited ed moleskines!! I just got so excited!!!

I simply adore Snoopy and the Peanuts collection! When i was in Tokyo, one of my favourite shops was Snoopy Town! I did not want to leave at all! I got really excited to see so many snoopy items and most of them are only found in Japan! Sigh... i want to go back to Japan!

little snoopy notepad

The Limited Editon Moleskines are available on Amazon and Moleskine. Check them out!

There's also a Pacman edition too! watch the youtube video! so funky awesome!

I will post a mini snoopy collection of mine soon when i sort my piles of stationery & paper goods. It's on my list of to-do today!

so are you crazy over snoopy merchandise like me too? please do share links to your photos of your snoopy collections! I would love to see and be wow-ed. hehe.


Wusel's... said...

I love Snoopy and the Peanuts too!
I'm collecting the books and DVD's...
On monday is my birthday.
I'll try to force my friends to buy me one. *LOL*
It's not that expensive, I've checked out Amazon.
Thank you!
Great post!

L said...

That's great to hear! Hope you have a fabulous birthday celebration and receiving lots of presents and surprises! Snoopy comic books and dvds! that's awesome! :D

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