Saturday, October 9, 2010

Aminal Pals Notebooks

Finally i've received a lovely cute pink piggy notebook from a dear friend, Janice via Sam & Kristi. =)
Thoughtful Janice got me this notebook because my notebook (also from Janice) went missing during my last holiday trip to New Zealand. I like this piggy notebook for it is so slim and perfect size for travelling. Will doodle and scribble in it on my next holiday trip! Thanks again, Janice! =D

Ms piggy

I checked out the notebook company DayCraft website and discovered a range of interesting design with a fresh touch to the notebooks. They are based in Hong Kong.

i like their tagline too!

Our goal is to bring you even more innovative, practical and attractive diary and planner products.
At Daycraft, we make your day.
 Indeed they have made my day today! =D

 Below are some other cute adorable animal pals notebooks/diaries from DayCraft. i find them so funny..haha.


Harvard Horse



Also i like their fruity range of notebooks too! They look deliciously attractive! They give a spring/summer feeling and make you feel happy using them.



They have a lot more other interesting designs. So head over to their website and find out where you can get them in Australia as well as other countries.

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