Tuesday, October 15, 2013

faith, hope & love

Two weeks ago, Faith and I had a crafternoon at her house. One of the crafts we made was paper-making. It was a fun process, blending the old newspaper and magazines together 
with coloured pulp, sieve and flatten them to dry. 
Today i took some ink and scribbled Faith, Hope & Love on them. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

It's a season in life to learn these, Faith, Hope & Love. Especially it's drawing closer to the end of this year, I am thinking about the future, what to do next year, plans and dreams. Fear is lurking around. About the unknown and uncertainties. I need to refocus and trust and keep my hope. And love to see us through. What lies ahead... only God knows. I believe He has something planned for us. He knows what's best. 

Thanks Faith for the fun and bringing the dried up papers to me. 
Look forward to more craft sessions together. :)



overfluo said...

hello! this is such a late comment to the post but still, :) I enjoy our crafternoons too!

L said...

hehe...Thanks Faith!! :D looking forward to more crafternoons!

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