Tuesday, October 8, 2013

twenty & six

more candles on the delicious homebaked triple layer chocolate cake made by E. <3

So i have just turned twenty-six over the weekend. It was a wonderful birthday weekend celebrating with friends and of course, finally spending it with him for the first time! 

Thank you for your thoughts and little surprises (although i've spoiled some of the surprises! haha...) Initially i was thinking of baking a really huge layered cake covered in frosting and sharing it with friends. Only to find out from him that he was going to bake one for me. Aww... hehe.

Also, thanking all my family and friends who have made me feel so loved with their warm wishes and gifts and presence. It was a strange nice feeling to be receiving so much that it was kind of overwhelming!

I whispered a prayer on my birthday morning thanking God for His love and grace, and all the blessings He has poured out to me. It was a time for personal reflections and i really needed this time & space.

(for more birthday photos, please head to my facebook page.)


♥ Nadine said...

Happy belated birhtday!! :) So glad you're back. I'm keen on reading more about your adventures...

Have a great start into the new week.
xo, Nadine

L said...

Thanks Nadine! hehe... yes i hope i wont let you down :P
You too! have a good week too! :D

Mei Yii said...

So pretty in your pics! <3<3

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