Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh Comely & LWLies

keep your curiosity sacred

It is a magazine that makes people smile, full of quiet moments and stories. Read it with a cup of tea or a toddy.
It inspires people to be creative, talk to their neighbours and explore new things. There are adventures that capture the feeling of being free, stories from people with tales to tell, recipes to warm your heart, and crafty things to make. All these things, wrapped up in beautiful words, illustration and photography.
oh comely is published six times a year, available in over a thousand nice places in the UK as well as internationally. 

- oh comely (about

Inside issue 9

A week ago, i came home to a parcel all the way from London! Inside were 2 awesome magazines and one of them was called 'Oh comely' (pictures above). These lovely magazines were from a very kind friend, Anthony as a thank you gift. 

Oh comely is very much like Frankie! It features many interesting, inspiring & witty articles. One that i read was a documentary film about the woman whose body lay undiscovered for three years. Another interesting article was on dead pets and what the writers did with them. One of them put her dead goldfish in the freezer and talked about how she couldn't bear to flush it down the toilet.

I read a few pages here and there, while on the bus to work and sometimes when it's quiet at work. I even tried out the guinness recipe for one of my breakfast last week. My friend commented that wasn't it too early for stout...haha. 

Guinness mushrooms on toasted sourdough

The other magazine was called 'Little White Lies'.

LWLies is a bi-monthly, independent movie magazine that features cutting edge writing, illustration and photography to get under the skin of cinema.
Bold, beautiful and unique, LWLies is a magazine on a mission – to reshape the 
debate across the movie landscape. 
- LWLies (about)

I like the bold graphic and colorful pages. It includes interviews with movie directors and creative people behind all the motion pictures etc. So cool!!

Inside LWLies

Once again, a big thanks to Anthony for these awesome magazines!

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