Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bel's 1st Birthday

Last saturday, we celebrated my little niece, Bel Bel's first birthday.
She has been such a wonderful blessing and we just simply adore her, little cutie!

DIY hat, quite failed. haha.
You've turned 1, little niece!

dressed up in pink!

Baked some cookies for sis to share with Bel's fellow little swimmers at the swimming class.

Sis concentrating at getting the icing right.
First attempted at making a ruffle cake for her baby girl. Baked with love.

showered with love.

My sis doesn't normally bake, so it was very impressive that 
she had baked this gorgeous looking birthday cake for her baby girl. 

Well done, Sis!

Lots of love, Auntie Lil. 

see the whole album here


Le Vélo Noir said...

Hurray for a lovely happy day! The cookies and cake look so yummy :)

Helena said...

Your niece is such a cutie! And the cake that your sis made...whoa! Well done! x

L said...

thanks Helena & Christine!! :D

Jo Serwey said...


memtree said...

aww too cute!

hi lil, i have nominated your blog for the sunshine award through my blog :)

L said...

Hi Em, Ooo...sunshine award...nice! Thanks! :)) i just realized i could have met up with you out while i was in Melb. but it was a short trip...hmm, maybe next trip la! i won't forget then! :P @memtree

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