Monday, January 9, 2012

Much Love Monday: Impromptu Beach Day

 Cottesloe Beach, Perth, W.A
 April's inspiring project, leaving little quote-notes around at random places in Perth!

Over the weekend, i went to the beach twice with my friend, April. She loves the beach, the ocean & the sun. 
We were walking along Cottesloe beach after lunch and i said that i don't recall when i last ran into the sea and just get soaking wet. I thought to myself, one of these days maybe. 

On Sunday arvo, she texted me if i would like to join her at the beach. Same place as before. 
I thought, ''hmm...why not. I'll just slip on my swimwear and go."

The breathtaking sight of the ocean was just mesmerizing. It was thrilling fun to wait for the big waves and get carried away. Got myself soaking wet but it was worth the fun.

Then we found a spot on the beach and we read our books & chatted about books & movies we like.
Before we knew it, it was near 5pm, time to say goodbye. 

We might not see each other again as she'll be leaving Perth soon but it was really nice knowing her.

here's a perfect song to go with that summer jolly feeling. 

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Tina´s PicStory said...

wonderful pics :)

ane pixestos said...

This was a lovely post - and a welcome break from the cold, grey morning in my hemisphere! I could almost hear the waves... And how beautiful to leave a trail of thoughts and quotes... Wishing you a wonderful week!

♥ Nadine said...

Beautiful pictures! Consider yourself lucky that you're able to go to the beach every random day. :)

Enjoy the sunshine!
xo, Nadine

Marchella Loofis said...

whoaaw. i love all your photos in this blog :D beautiful :D

L said...

Thanks everyone for your comments!
yes, sending some summer thoughts across your way E'clair & Nadine :)

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