Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Macarons & Christmas tree

Yesterday i made some macarons for a Christmas dinner party at Jo's (My Wey of Life). I was rushing so i didn't get to take any pictures. Managed to baked all the trays except for one. So after i came home from the party, i baked the last tray of macarons. One good thing about macarons is that you can leave the piped domes for a couple of hours and they will still have perfect feet. haha.

The party was AWESOME! Meeting many new people. The table was filled with absolutely delicious food all cooked by Joe & Jo and also their friends. Really enjoyed the food & the super-cool games! Wish i could stay longer but i had to go earlier. Got a hairdryer from my secret Santa! nice! Thank you.

So this morning, I experimented with the filling. I made some cream butter filling and added crushed pistachio and sandwiched them with the macaron shells.

Gave some to a lovely couple who lent me their bean bag. Thanks so much, Jin! =)
The rest went to my mum's tummy. haha. 

Found my Christmas tree cookie cutter few days ago. Planned to bake some cookies but didnt get around to do it. Instead, i had fun playing with it for my breakfast.
Made myself a peanut butter & sprinkle Christmas tree toast. haha!

and a Christmas tree watermelon was just perfect for a hot summer day.

Hope you have been enjoying these few days. If you have been busy, i hope you find time to rest and be refreshed now. New Year is on its way!


Le Vélo Noir said...

You are such a wiz when it comes to macarons! I love the vibrant color of these. Should I try my hand at making macarons, I hope you won't mind if I will ask for some tips:)

L said...

Thank you! :) Absolutely yes, would love to help! :)

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