Thursday, November 10, 2011

Movie: Drive

Recently i watched the movie Drive starring Ryan Gosling & Carey Mulligan. 
Read that it has good reviews plus the trailer looked promising. 
But i didn't know that it came with sickeningly bloody scenes.
 I had to close my eyes to avoid those brutal moments. 
I should have known it's rated MA15+ haha!

Drive is a gripping thriller with ultra-violent and shockingly gruesome man-killing. 
It keeps your  heart racing.

What i find fascinating about this movie was the 80s inspired soundtracks, the setting of balmy weathered LA, the blossoming romance and the strong determination and values the main character, Driver (played by Ryan Gosling) hold. Also, his super long cool death-stares without the eyes blinking & his stunning scorpion-motif jacket that he wore almost all the times.

My favourite part of the movie was when he took Irene (played by Carey Mulligan) & the child on a care-free drive and how they exchanged shy eye contacts while in the car.

watch the trailer.

"Drive, above all else, reminds us why Gosling has been hailed as the new Sean Penn,
 or even a 21st-century Brando. He is outstanding." -Ed Gibbs

"Refn's style is to draw out scenes to make a slow film punctuated with strong violence." 

"Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive is an LA pulthriller, very brutal, very slick. 
 Ryan Gosling, playing the permafrost-cool hero with no name. He's a Hollywood stunt driver with a toothpick in the corner of his mouth, wearing a sleek bomber jacket with a scorpion on the back." -the Guardian

Have you seen this movie? If so, what is your favourite part of the movie?

Ok i must admit i watch Drive because Ryan Gosling is such a heartthrob...haha...and i want to watch him in his other recent movies like 'Crazy, Stupid Love' (i like Steve Carell too) & the upcoming 'The Ides of March'.

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♥ Nadine said...

Oh my god, I've seen the trailer before and it freaks me out - like, totally! But I somehow want to see that movie, too.

Oh yes, Ryan Gosling is perfection - I also want to see his other flick, too. :)

Love, Nadine

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