Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CHOGM 2011 Perth

For the past weeks, Perth has been bustling with various Commonwealth festival events as part of the CHOGM week.

Photography display at the People's Space.
"A showpiece of the Festival is this stunning outdoor exhibition of more than 40 large-scale images from the Royal Commonwealth Society Photographic Awards. This is an insightful view of the world through the eyes of emerging young photographers from across the Commonwealth." - People's Space

Last Saturday, mum & i went to join the crowd to welcome the royal couple at the Big Aussie Barbecue at the Esplanade. It was such a warm sunny day! There was live music, sausages and water booths. Over 600 volunteered for the event. All purchase of sausages and water went to charity work.

People started flooding the Esplanade a few hours prior to the royal couple's arrival. We were pretty early so we got to stand in front of the stage. While waiting, there was some live performances on stage.
The royal couple finally made their way to the stage at around 11am. The Queen gave a speech and they strolled through the booths before heading off to the airport. 

We were quite thrilled to see the royal couple from such close distance. hehe. They looked so cute. 


Jo Serwey said...

aawww... I only saw her in the car! :(

L said...

oh you were at the st george tce? we happened to be there pretty early :P

Jo Serwey said...

i was there late! i was at St georges then it was too crowded.. so i went to riverside dr. haha

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