Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Before i die

 a giant chalkboard stenciled with the sentence “Before I die I want to _______”  became a space where we could learn the hopes and dreams of the people around us.

A brilliant thought-provoking idea by Candy Chang, New Orleans. Read about how it came about over here.

this participatory public art project is currently expanding to cities around the world, including Perth during Beaufort St Festival last Saturday. Thumbs up!

It was so interesting to read what others wrote on the chalkboard. Some were funny, some were inspiring.

This really got me thinking...what would you want to do before you die. You could choose to do a million things. But what really matters to you is what it really matters.
Linking in with the international movement, the Before I Die project will encourage festival-goers to add to the festival ‘bucket list’ of the must see and do things within our lives in a blackboard installation.
Go see other walls at the before i die website!

I ask myself before I die I want to...


Jo Serwey said...

you didn't write you want tomato soup right? hehe

memtree said...

such a great project! i first read about it in another blog. how exciting that it's in australia too!

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